Class Descriptions

 Can Rise be your gym, wellness center and yoga studio all in one?

Rise offers you a variety of experiences and simple tools that support your well-being.  Our Movement, Meditation and Wellness classes let you explore what works for you.  We acknowledge that every body is different.  So we have designed classes that provide a new twist on traditional movement, in a non-competitive and uplifting environment. 

...Pssst! Your focus is your secret super-power!

...and practice makes possible.

And what about your mind?  Do you use it well, or does it take you for wide rides of negativity, fear, clutter and chaos? Meditation is recommended to improve pretty much anything, yet it can seem impossible to even start. Rise teaches how you can exercise this skill, just like we exercise our body. We offer many types and times for practice.  

Our Wellness Classes are all about the energy. What? Yep- what is Energy Anatomy? We have a wide variety of interesting and applicable energy practices. This class series will amplify your movement and meditation classes by weaving understanding with experience. East meets West in these classes as we explore what nurtures and expresses the "whole you." 

Mindful Movement Classes

Meditation Classes

Wellness Classes 



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