Body Scan

A body scan is a popular guided meditation that brings gentle focus to the body in a way that results in the release of tension. This process leaves you with a sense of being more present, calm and balanced, and it strengthens mental focus. It can be done while seated or laying down. Over time this practice helps us live more comfortabley in our body, and not just "in our head".


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Breath as Teacher

Deep breathing is the truly essential exercise for physical and mental health. This class looks at breath as a tool to affect all aspects of focus and physiology. We will learn about how breath initiates the Relaxation Response, and how it is involved in the detoxification of body and mind. We will explore the relationship between breath and energy (prana/chi/vital life force). The class will include both lecture/discussion and practice. 


Carpe Diem Dance

Carpe Diem Dance is the creation of  Lisa Jackson. It is a confluence of her years of study in holistic health practices and her decades of yoga practice. She combines fluid movement and yoga principles with music into a complete practice. It is a fun, non-intimidating way to experience exercise that benefits the heart, brain and soul while allowing creative expression through movement. It’s a great way to feel vital and energized.


Cleansing & Detoxification

Autumn is the perfect time to practice cleansing and detoxifying the body in two regards: in preparation for the holiday seasons culturally; and in the natural sense of preparing for a winters “rest”. Longer nights and less outdoor activity are better tolerated when we have incorporated cleansing foods, fluids, movements and attitudes. Come and learn from Dr. Catherine Akbarieh how you can easily bring these elements into your life.


"Dancing" and Drumming

Come feel the rhythm and find your moves in this healing experience with live drumming. You are invited to drum with us, or follow the guided gentle experiences of organic movement. Principles from the Alexander Technique, Feldenkris, dance and yoga will be guided for you. And opportunities for free dance will be woven in as well. This is the brainchild of Stephanye Auryra Courtney, professional Sound Healer. with much experience in dance and therapeutic practices. This class is a unique opportunity to explore sound and movement in a safe space. 


Deep Release with Healing Sound and Yoga Nidra

Deep release is a series of movements to release tightness in the body and the mind. It is the perfect counterpoint to a busy life. We adventure inward to stillness as out physical limitations are gently challenged by yin yoga poses. We hold a series of grounded poses for 2-8 minutes each. This is excellent for increasing flexibility and strengthening joints and ligaments. It is also great for calming and clearing the chatterbox mind! Speaking of quieting body and mind…this class ends with a Yoga Nidra mediation. This is a guided practice while you lie down which traditionally brings indescribable relaxation. Over time this practice provides notable positive effects in your life.

Crystal and Tibetan bowls, and various other healing sounds will accompany the movement.


Energy Balancing Meditation

This will be an opportunity to experience and explore your subtle body or energy field. Even if you have no idea what that is, the grounding and balancing of these guided meditations is beneficial. With practice, perception increases, and we become efficient in using these techniques to maintain focus and remain in our own frequency rather than being disrupted by surrounding people and events.

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Nia is an exhilarating movement and lifestyle practice that tones the body and engages the mind through movements that are adapted from dance, martial arts and healing arts.  Nia consists of non-impact, holistic movements, practiced barefoot to the rhythms of diverse, soul-stirring music. Nia is adaptable to your individual needs and abilities - Every Body is welcome.  Classes are taught by licensed Nia teachers who are excited to share the Joy of Movement with you.


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