Body Scan


This relaxing guided meditation brings gentle focus to all parts of the body. You will release physical and mental tension in this process, and become more present, calm and balanced. It is a great practice for al levels, but beginners often find it beneficial to strengthen mental focus and become more aware of their ability to calm the body. It is done seated or laying down.

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Lunch Time Moves and Sound Meditation


This class is designed to provide a complete physical and mental break that will let you complete the rest of your day feeling good! Regularly attending will bring more balance, energy, and productivity into your days. Work clothes are welcome. The class will be geared towards non-sweating yet energizing movement. We will complete your "reboot" with a Sound Healing Meditation.

Deep Dive into Meditative Practices

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Through August 2019, we will work on various exercises to cultivate skills of breathing, awareness, being still, visualization and listening deeply. We will integrate work with the Western Mystery School teachings embodied in the Holy Qabalah and Sacred Tarot.

In September, the class will start on a journey of 24 weeks of study and attunement to each of the 22 paths on the Qabalah Tree of Life at the level of Atziluth. These are represented in the Major Arcana of Tarot cards, and these will be studied in depth. Those who participate in classes from now to August will have a solid foundation to the 24 week journey and be in a position to “hold space” for new folks who join us.. The teacher, Mike Cummins, has focused on Kundalini and Qabalah mediation practices since 2005 This class is for all levels, including beginner meditators 

If you want to keep a record, BRING A JOURNAL OR WRITING PAD.
 per class or free with Unlimited class purchase
We will create a package for those interested in the 24 class series.

Carpe Diem Dance


This is a fun, non-intimidating way to experience exercise that benefits the heart, brain and soul while allowing creative expression. You will warm-up and quicken in movements that flow with music. You will feel vital and energized.

Carpe Diem Dance is the creation of Lisa Jackson. It is a confluence of her study in holistic health practices, Yoga, and Yoga Dance from Kripalu. 

Fascia Fusion

Fascia is far more interesting than you realize. This connective tissue surrounds every single cell of your body, and is responsible for living a flexible and pain-free life. This class teaches myofascial movements to free your fascia and self-massage techniques. This restores elasticity to your body, and brings ease to your joints and tissues. You will release tightness and tension and leave class feeling lighter, looser, and refreshed! WORK-OUT CLOTHES OPTIONAL. WORK-CLOTHES FRIENDLY CLASS.

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Compassion Meditation


In this practice you will focus on developing the foundational skills of compassion both for yourself and others. Overtime, this expands your capacity to meet life with ease and grace.
When you attend this group you can expect to experience the following:
- The support of like-minded people, who are also exploring the path of mindfulness/meditation, whether novices or long time practitioners
-A dedicated specific time for formal meditation and inquiry
-An opportunity to ask important questions, and to participate in shared dialogue with others.
These sessions will be facilitated by Ingrid Czintos, a mindfulness meditation teacher and practitioner. She presents evidence based techniques for increasing personal awareness and fostering presence. All levels and all meditation traditions welcome!

Lunch Time Moves and Meditation


This class is designed to provide a complete physical and mental break that will let you complete the rest of your day feeling good! Regularly attending will bring more balance, energy, and productivity into your days. Work clothes are welcome. The class will be geared towards non-sweating yet energizing movement. We will complete your "reboot" with a meditative practice.

Mindfulness Meditation


Mindfulness meditation is a mental training practice that involves focusing your mind on experiences, such as body sensations, emotions, and breathe in the present moment. It is simply the act of paying attention to whatever you are experiencing, as you experience it. 
By choosing to turn your attention away from the everyday chatter of the mind to what your body is doing, the mind is able to gently quiet with practice.
Mindfulness meditation can involve breathing practice, mental imagery, awareness of body and mind, and muscle and body relaxation.


You will find this an exhilarating movement and lifestyle practice that tones your body and engages your mind. Nia uses movements that are adapted from dance, martial arts and healing arts. You will be led through sequences of non-impact, holistic movements, practiced barefoot to the rhythms of diverse, soul-stirring music. Nia is adaptable to your individual needs and abilities - Every Body is welcome. Classes are taught by licensed Nia teachers who are excited to share the Joy of Movement with you.


Moving Meditation (Qigong)


Qigong is an ancient Chinese gentle practice of movement that heals and supports all body functions. It helps your body, mind and spirit to connect with each other and function in harmony.  Qigong has the power to reawaken and strengthen your body’s innate healing ability, and lets you increase and balance Qi, or life force.   This practice is a pillar of Chinese medicine. Fundamental to this approach is the understanding that before any symptom appears in the body, there is an energy blockage.  When the qi is flowing, there is health and also a sense of joy!

Sound and Movement

This class fuses Hatha yoga poses, Qigong exercises, and Sound Healing. The free-flowing movements for all level of physical fitness will place attention on alignment, serene state of mind, and joy. With regular practice, both Hatha yoga and Qi Gong, cultivate a clear understanding of how your body moves, and how to strengthen and relax it.


Sound healing is the use of deep-vibrational instruments such as crystal bowls to support healing and meditation. The tones the bowls carry impact us in specific ways, different tones activate different energy centers, organs, and organ systems within the body. As the sounds reverberate throughout the body, participants can allow themselves to reach deeper states of consciousness and allow regeneration of cells within the body.

The combination of healthful movement and sound healing maximizes the effect of both, making this a very beneficial hour.

Take a Nap - Change Your Life

We will use the book by this name as the foundation of this class. You will gain a foundation of understanding about why sleep is crucial to well-being. It has a curious twist: that power-napping  could be what's missing to become our most productive and happy. In a perfect world, could it be that there would be enticing napping studios at every corner instead of coffee shops??!

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