Breath - The Foundation

Deep breathing is the truly essential exercise. This class looks at the connection to breath as a tool to affect all aspects of your focus and physiology. We will learn about the Relaxation Response, how cleansing happens with breath itself and through moving lymph fluid, the powerful improvement breath-work can have on focus, and much more. We will practice what we talk about as well.


Brain Gym

Educational Kinesiology® is a movement-based program* providing sets of tools to support our bodies/brains living and working, learning and performing, directing and managing ourselves more easily in three-dimensional space.

These tools support the physical skills of learning for visual acuity, increased core awareness, and eye-hand coordination while creating a safe and calm space within to think and function optimally.

The program offers a process to work on attitudes, behaviors, and particular skills each person wants to improve or change, recognizing the uniqueness of each person’s natural pace of learning.

*Movements are slow and easy, for all ages any time, anywhere.



Nia is an exhilarating movement and lifestyle practice that tones the body and engages the mind through movements that are adapted from dance, martial arts and healing arts.  Nia consists of non-impact, holistic movements, practiced barefoot to the rhythms of diverse, soul-stirring music. Nia is adaptable to your individual needs and abilities - Every Body is welcome.  Classes are taught by licensed Nia teachers who are excited to share the Joy of Movement with you.



Qigong is an ancient Chinese gentle practice of movement. It helps your body, mind and spirit to connect with each other and function in harmony.  Qigong has the power to reawaken and strengthen your body’s innate healing ability, and lets you connect with the healing Qi, or life force,  of the universe.  Fundamental to this approach is the understanding that before any symptom appears in the body, there is an energy blockage.  When the qi is flowing, there is health and also a sense of joy!


Restorative Rest

Or...finding your inner ahhh....Even if you never do ANY activity, the supported poses we create in this class will improve how you feel. It can be a great way to start getting comfortable in the group class environment. The stretches and relaxation of the poses improve all systems of the body (just by lying there!) by quieting the mind and creating healing opportunities for the body. We teach a series of supported bends, folds, and resting positions each held for 3-12 minutes. Also a great complement for the very active person!


Street Clothes Stretch

No need to get sweaty to stay least not all the time.... Refresh in the middle of your work-day with this short full-body routine that revitalizes and releases tension. We use movements to stimulate the energy body refined from concepts of eastern health practices like acupuncture and yoga. Perfect for those who are new to movement, or the very athletic, and everyone in between.


Body Scan

A body scan is a popular guided meditation that brings gentle focus to the body in a way that results in the release of tension. This process leaves you with a sense of being more present, calm and balanced, and it strengthens mental focus. It can be done while seated or laying down. Over time this practice helps us live more comfortabley in our body, and not just "in our head".


Energy Balancing Meditation

This will be an opportunity to experience and explore your subtle body or energy field. Even if you have no idea what that is, the grounding and balancing of these guided meditations is beneficial. With practice, perception increases, and we become efficient in using these techniques to maintain focus and remain in our own frequency rather than being disrupted by surrounding people and events.