Cleansing & Detoxification

Autumn is the perfect time to practice cleansing and detoxifying the body in two regards: in preparation for the holiday seasons culturally; and in the natural sense of preparing for a winters “rest”. Longer nights and less outdoor activity are better tolerated when we have incorporated cleansing foods, fluids, movements and attitudes. Come and learn from Dr. Catherine Akbarieh how you can easily bring these elements into your life.


Breath as Teacher

Deep breathing is the truly essential exercise for physical and mental health. This class looks at breath as a tool to affect all aspects of focus and physiology. We will learn about how breath initiates the Relaxation Response, and how it is involved in the detoxification of body and mind. We will explore the relationship between breath and energy (prana/chi/vital life force). The class will include both lecture/discussion and practice. 


Take a Nap - Change Your Life

We will use the book by this name as the foundation of this class. You will gain a foundation of understanding about why sleep is crucial to well-being. It has a curious twist: that power-napping  could be what's missing to become our most productive and happy. In a perfect world, could it be that there would be enticing napping studios at every corner instead of coffee shops??!

napping man.jpg