Deep Dive into Meditative Practices

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Through August 2019, we will work on various exercises to cultivate skills of breathing, awareness, being still, visualization and listening deeply. We will integrate work with the Western Mystery School teachings embodied in the Holy Qabalah and Sacred Tarot.

In September, the class will start on a journey of 24 weeks of study and attunement to each of the 22 paths on the Qabalah Tree of Life at the level of Atziluth. These are represented in the Major Arcana of Tarot cards, and these will be studied in depth. Those who participate in classes from now to August will have a solid foundation to the 24 week journey and be in a position to “hold space” for new folks who join us.. The teacher, Mike Cummins, has focused on Kundalini and Qabalah mediation practices since 2005 This class is for all levels, including beginner meditators 

If you want to keep a record, BRING A JOURNAL OR WRITING PAD.
 per class or free with Unlimited class purchase
We will create a package for those interested in the 24 class series.