An Experiential Journey Into Meditation Techniques

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Each class will focus on a meditation technique from various traditions. We will explore the use of breathing, postures, chanting, affirmations and visualizations in different combinations in order for participants to have a full experience of the impact of each technique on them Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually. The goal of each meditation session is to provide an environment where active participation in the techniques allows this evaluation in order to determine its value as a daily practice. These sessions are designed for meditators of all levels, including beginners, who are interested in study and practice of meditation techniques from various traditions.
PLEASE BRING A JOURNAL OR WRITING PAD. Meditating on a daily basis is proven to improve Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual (Mental), and Emotional well-being. Typical benefits derived by participants include the following:
* Reduced stress and emotional reactivity
* Better overall brain function and improved memory retrieval
* Improved sleep
* Increased self-awareness
* More intimate relationship with one’s higher Self
* Increased energy levels, focus and concentration
* Improved psychological and spiritual health
* Increased peace, happiness, kindness and compassion towards all life

In each session, we will follow a similar structure
* Breathing exercise: 5 minutes
* “Self check-in” and journaling: 5 minutes
* Various meditation technique overview: 5 minutes
* Meditation: 15-30 minutes
* “Self check-in” and journaling: 5-15 minutes
* Session Recap: 5 – 10 minutes

From February 20-April 24th a 10 class series will be held. This may be purchased by non-members as a whole series for $100 ($10 per class) (Always free to Rise Members).