Qigong and Sound Meditation


The ancient Chinese Medicine practice of Qigong is layered with live sounds of a variety of metal and crystal bowls. You will leave refreshed and relaxed.

Qigong has the power to reawaken and strengthen your body’s innate healing ability, and lets you increase and balance Qi (Chi or life force). It is "prescribed" by Chinese doctors to help body, mind and spirit to connect with each other and function in harmony. When the Qi is flowing, there is health and joy!

Sound healing is the use of deep-vibrational instruments such as crystal bowls to support healing and meditation. The tones the bowls carry impact us in specific ways. Different tones activate different energy centers, organs, and organ systems within the body. As the sounds reverberate throughout the body, participants can allow themselves to reach deeper states of consciousness which allows regeneration of cells within the body.

The combination of healthful movement and sound healing maximizes the effect of both, making this a very beneficial hour.