Happiness Coaching: Better Sleep-Better you!


One in three adults complains of insomnia at some point in their lives. Prolonged lack of sleep can result in weight gain, lowered immune function, diabetes, poor mood, reduced attention span, diminished judgement and problem- solving skills and impaired alertness with resultant safety issues. Persons at greatest risk for insomnia include those with a family history of insomnia, age over 60, female gender, persons with medical and psychological problems and persons experiencing states of anxiety, stress or depression.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is currently the first line treatment for insomnia as recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. In this one hour lecture ,

“ Finding Relief From Insomnia” we will explore:

What defines Insomnia?

What is normal sleep?

How is sleep affected by aging?

What common conditions and substances are associated with causing insomnia?

What are the most effective treatments for insomnia?

Take a Nap - Change Your Life

We will use the book by this name as the foundation of this class. You will gain a foundation of understanding about why sleep is crucial to well-being. It has a curious twist: that power-napping  could be what's missing to become our most productive and happy. In a perfect world, could it be that there would be enticing napping studios at every corner instead of coffee shops??!

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