Getting Started

Interested in self-care and focusing on the whole you? Don't know where to begin? We have some suggestions for you below, based on what you may be experiencing currently.

Click on a concern that speaks to you:

+ Sleeplessness: I am just not able to sleep, what do you recommend?

Classes: Yin and Restorative Yoga with Sound Balancing, Any meditation class

Events: We offer events that are relaxing and teach skills of self soothing

+ Stress & Productivity

Classes: Mindful Movement classes, Any meditation class

Events: We offer workshops that teach physical, mental and emotional mindfulness skills to help you manage stress

+ Not feeling fulfilled, satisfied. What is my life purpose?

Classes: All Meditation classes increase your self-awareness and allows you to find what is beneath the surface

Events: We offer workshops and training in a variety of skills and self-care practices

+ Nothing feels good anymore. Depression, Anxiety, loneliness

Center: Everyone is welcome to experience our natural indoor garden and relax with a cup of tea. Stop by, say hello, connect with us

Classes: Mindful Movement classes help shift any negative patterns in the mind and body. Do not feel intimidated, our classes are truly for all levels

Events: We offer many introductory workshops. Generally, in small, supportive groups

+ Deteriorating health, pain or chronic health issues

Classes: Moving Meditation (Qigong), Yin and Restorative Yoga with Sound Balancing, all meditation classes, Beginning Yoga & Meditation

Events: Chronic Pain, Qigong Healing Activation

+ New to the area, looking to form connections

Center: We have a vibrant, open community and we welcome you to visit us with open arms. Stop by, say hello, connect with us and experience our natural indoor garden, relax with a cup of tea

Classes: Groove, Dance Magic, Sacred fusion drum circle. Check our Friday night listing for Music and Dance classes

Events: We are a friendly community and we offer events on wide range of topics - come to anything that interests you!

+ I'm interested in Weight Control and Weight Loss

Classes: We think self-care is the cornerstone for achieving all goals. Finding one or more classes that you enjoy will nurture you, calm you and help you make better food choices. Mindful movement and/or meditation promote rest and digest as well as help you listen to your body's cues.

Events: On occasion, we offer events on nutrition and workshops on awareness that support your weight loss goals.

One on Ones: All One on One sessions at Rise would help you restore balance and improve the quality of life. It will be customized to address any of the following concerns and more.