Special New Year Offers …. “We Listened”

Happy New Year Rise Community!

As you know, we at Rise Well-Being Center, are here to support you and the community to create habits that foster your personal growth and well-being so you can be your best self. We realize that:

  • Changes have more staying power with regular practice in an encouraging environment

  • Everyone is busy and needs flexibility for sustaining these changes

  • Even small steps towards improving our well-being gives us the best gift of vitality

In light of our commitment and the feedback we’ve received, we are giving you some new ways to include flexibility, support, and community as you embark on positive, healthy changes this new year. Whether you’re wanting to start a meditation practice, move more, feel energized or just find more white space in your day, we’ve got your back.

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We have two new options to engage and maximize value with these specials:


Maximum Value - Unlimited Use

Unlimited Use Package NOW $99 for the Month of January (Usual Price $125):This monthly package is for those who are committed to their overall well-being and want consistent support. Lock in the rate for the next 12 months if you book by February 15th. You get unlimited access to our garden area, all classes including yoga, meditation, mindful movement and wellness, and discounts on all workshops and one on one private sessions. This package is the best value if you can commit to coming to a class or relaxing in our garden area more than 6 times in the month. Pre-booking of classes not required.

Lock in this rate if you are committed to your overall MIND-FITNESS in 2019.

Buy Unlimited Pkg – $99



Multi-Class Package 10 Classes for $130 (Usual Price $150): Some of you told us that you would like to engage over a period of time so that you could get to know us and build up to your regular practice but would still like to take advantage of our discounts. For those less inclined to maximize the unlimited benefits of the Maximum Value Unlimited Package, this may be the option for you. You get 10 Classes you can use anytime. Offer valid through February 15th.

10 class pack – $130
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