So what exactly is Rise, just yoga and meditation...right?


Rise Well-Being Center is much more than a studio for yoga or meditation. It is a place for attaining and maintaining balance, peace and well-being in our lives. In fact, it's a brand new concept, the realized vision of its Founder and owner, Lisa Goodwin, who had the dream of creating a place of respite and renewal for busy Washingtonians who had little opportunity to interact with nature during their long work week. She envisioned a place for relaxing with nature indoors and a space for learning more about the ways in which we can allow ourselves to be drawn to wholeness through exploration of our whole being. She incorporated the principals of a conscious company and found creative ways to implement them. As a conscious company, Rise considers all it impacts and strives to create win-win situations for everyone and everything involved. Simply put, it has purpose beyond profit, which includes benefiting individuals, the community and beyond.  

Our Vision: Well-Being for All!

So what will I do at Rise?

Laugh, relax, learn, eat, play, sweat, rest, grow and more!  Rise offers all levels of activity from meditation to sweat inducing movement.  We keep the busy professional in mind as we schedule shorter classes during and around the work day, encouraging frequent visits. Rise is an experience as well as a place of learning.  Just by entering its doors, many will feel peace and relaxation.  All 5 senses will be engaged through the soothing nature sounds,  the beautiful garden area, the many natural elements and healthy organic offerings.  Rise has been built with the latest in green, sustainable products and many recycled or reclaimed products, including nearly all the furnishings.  We suggest that you come see us and experience how good surrounding yourself with nature and natural elements can feel.  

The tools learned and practiced in Rise can enhance life outside of the Center. You will have the opportunity to try innovative as well as time tested approaches to "whole being" health, to discover what makes you thrive. 

At Rise, we teach wellness utilizing all aspects of our human being. We educate about it in classes and workshops, and practice it in group and private (one on one) sessions. Our natural "green" environment supports these activities.  We employ teachers and healers with great natural ability and deep practice to model and transfer their experience to our clients.


We also provide a small selection of organic foods and herbal teas to help you maximize your health. Our movement studios, meditation room, and therapy rooms are complemented by an indoor garden area, for relaxing, eating and connecting.


We offer drop ins and monthly options that include unlimited classes and access to our beautiful center. Our classes are scheduled to facilitate frequent attendance since this is most advantageous for optimal vitality and well-being. We have a popular package that includes a monthly one on one session with a practitioner of your choice.

Nature is healing. Nature returns to balance.

Rise Well-Being Center supports your return to wholeness and balance through natural elements.