One on One Sessions

Get ready for more Fun!

One on One sessions at Rise complete the package for your well-being. These sessions offer individualized attention by your choice of our amazing practitioners. Each technique amplifies your unique strengths and offers support for your challenges. All One on Ones are holistic in nature - benefiting physical, mental, emotional and energetic imbalances. These healing arts are ancient, yet modern society has become disconnected from such simple, natural practices.  Fortunately, in recent decades, they are becoming widely practiced and even medical research has been "discovering" the benefits, sharing them as evidence-based practices.

All One on One offerings are excellent in maintaining good health as well as complement ongoing medical care or concerns.  Our professional, naturally gifted practitioners will assist your whole being in both substantial and subtle ways.  If these practices are new to you, please consider experiencing the enhancing impact for yourself.  You may find yourself more joyful than ever

Please call us at 703-429-1509 for more information and to schedule your One on One.

One on one session plus the Rise Experience – $85