May 2018 Team Member Spotlight - Lisa Jackson

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Lisa is an author, functional nutrition and functional medicine trained health coach, yoga teacher, and retired Registered Nurse with the mission to “Inspire, Educate and Empower” individuals to heal from within.  She teaches movement classes, leads workshops and Lunch 'n Learns at Rise.  We are honored to have her as part of our team.  Lisa teaches Movement classes every Wednesday at Rise including: Carpe Diem Dance, Street Clothes stretch and Yoga.  All her classes will be offered for a $10 promotional drop in fee in the month of May.  Please stop by to try out a class with her.


We asked Lisa to answer 2 questions:

What am I passionate about?  I am passionate about healing healthcare and healing the healers. We do this by creating wellbeing, by learning to feel happy, grounded and joyful, regardless of the chaos surrounding our lives. I'm passionate about meaningful connections with people and witnessing personal growth and wellbeing. I love all aspects of my job from sharing joyful movement to music classes at Rise (Carpe Diem Dance and Street Clothes Stretch) to reflective vinyasa yoga to functional medicine and nutritional testing and coaching. We are all unique individuals with unique needs and challenges. My business is about helping individuals create custom plans to meet their health and wellbeing goals. I also love to do corporate presentations and programs utilizing my Wellness Inspired Network. I love to collaborate with exceptional practitioners for my own wellbeing and to develop references for my clients.  


What do I like about being at Rise? Community and connection is vital to our wellbeing. Being a solo practitioner, I can get stuck in my "geek mode" spending hours at my computer doing coaching and/ or research on behalf of my clients. It is so important for me to do daily exercise and my yoga practice, yet it can be a challenge to prioritize self care over work. Rise is a special place to come and leave my phone and emails behind. The ambience is immediately welcoming and nourishing. The practitioners here are special and offer services not found in a gym or yoga studio. This is a wonderful place for self discovery. Lisa and Marcia have spent a great deal of thought and intention in every detail to create a natural oasis. They welcome whole wellbeing and are generous with participating practitioners. Lisa is passionate about creating a conscious business and that positive energy is palpable here. 


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Lisa Jackson, RN, CHC, RYT-500, AFMC

Lisa’s book, Savvy Secrets: Eat, Think & Thrive is a self health book offering her Seven Steps to Optimal Health.

When she is not coaching, or speaking, you can find Lisa joyfully sharing Carpe Diem Dance or playing with her two grandchildren. She is the mother of four adult children and believes, “Optimal health should not be a secret.”

Rise Building Resources

Here is a list of many of the fantastic companies whose products helped created the special and unique Center that Rise is:

First and foremost, the fabulous architect that was indispensable: Deborah Buelow who has her own architecture firm: CEDAR architecture.

Construction was done by Green Touch Builders

Much of the wood working including the front desk top, entry bookcases, live edge benches and planter screening were hand made by wood workers at Fraser Wood Elements in Fredericksburg, VA.  They use reclaimed and eco-friendly products.  It's a great family owned business. 

Garden Trellis, front desk assembly and sides, and display shelves as well as shadow boxes were hand made by Cory Sana a local (Maryland based) builder and cabinet maker.  Check him out at: Always A Project

Barn doors are from Reclaimed Lumber Products, a family owned business in Idaho that takes down old buildings and re-mills the wood to create reclaimed wood products.

Napping room twin bed, bed frame and all pillows at Rise are from Savy Rest Natural Bedroom in Vienna, Va.  This is a fabulous, employee owned certified B Corporation.  Savy Rest has partnered with Rise to provide the twin bed as a way to introduce members to its all natural, organic and sustainable products.  Please visit their showroom or website and be sure to mention Rise for a special discount!

Meditation mats and cushions are also made by Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom.  These were originally made for a yoga studio but were never used.  So technically they are recycled but we purchased them brand new.  The mats are their dog beds with a special organic cover.  We loved recycled products!

Ceiling Fans are from Big Ass Fan Company located in Kentucky.

Flooring is a natural rubber and recycled cork sustainable product called Sustain from Zandur flooring.  

Carpeting is made by Interface Carpet, a pioneer in sustainability.  From their website: In 1994, Interface® Founder Ray Anderson challenged us to pursue a bold new vision "Be the first company that, by its deeds, shows the entire world what sustainability is in all its dimensions: people, process, product, place and profits - and in doing so, become restorative through the power of influence" The Interface journey toward sustainability has been a momentous shift in the way we operate our business and see the world.  

Bathroom tile is made by Florida Tile, a US based tile manufacturer.  

Ceiling tiles are Armstrong Sustain

Paint is all non VOC (Harmony formulation) from Sherwin Williams

Copper bowl pendants at entry and front desk are handmade by School House Electric Company  in their over a century old manufacturing plant in Portland, Oregon.

Garden trellis hanging lights and corresponding entry area shaded pendants are hand made to order by HangOut Lighting in Chicago.

Bathroom pendants are made by Rejuvenation in their Portland Oregon plant.

Bathroom mirrors are made of reclaimed fence pickets by Country by the Bumpkins , one of the amazing artisans on etsy. The find and replace damaged fence pickets on their neighbors' fences and others who can't afford to replace them.  They then repurpose the pickets into wood products.

Kitchenette countertops are made from recycled paper: Paperstone Products.

Unusual log planter, pencil holder and wood bowl holding crystals were made out of diseased ash trees cut down by the forest service. The Log Shop

Reclaimed wood flower boxes were handmade by several artisans on etsy:  Basement Woodworking and  RedOakRoad

Copper word sculptures used as room signs were handmade by Bethany at Stahlli Sculptures

Flower of Life mandala in Meditation room is handmade by Alkemymetal

Metal shelving brackets on retail shelves and back hallway shelf are hand made by HollowCreek Welding

Unique flower of life record clock in classroom is made by Convert This

Mosaic tile tables are handmade by our own Program Director, Marcia Childress.

Metal macrame hanging planter holders are made by Dean Maison

Reclaimed wood clock on kitchenette cabinets is handmade by ABWFrames

Black metal fleur-de-lis and butterfly hooks were made by Melding Studios

3D paper butterflies throughout the space were hand made by HeidisHubbub

Flowers and plants were purchased from and installed by Mill Street Plantworks, a local (Vienna), woman owned company.  Kathrine Hawley, owner, also provided her own aged clay pots and several branches to enhance the Center.

Many items are purchased from CraigsList: office desk, chairs in garden area, office chairs, console tables in movement, meditation and classroom, bookcases in gemstone rooms, kitchenette cabinets, some chairs in meditation room and more.


Rise Well-Being Center makes its debut in Viva Reston Magazine



Rise Well-Being Center has just completed its 3,500-square-foot space designed as a nature-centered gathering place offering respite to those with busy lives. It is housed in Suite 150 at 11130 Sunrise Valley Drive and will offer a variety of mindful movement, meditation and wellness classes along with one-on-one sessions.

Rise Well-Being Center is a dream realized by its Founder and General Manager, Lisa Goodwin to offer a path to wholeness and lasting well-being. According to Goodwin: “Rise is a conscious company being built in alignment with green environmental principles. The Center is architecturally designed and constructed with natural, recyclable and renewable elements, furnishings and products.” Goodwin graduated from the University of Virginia and has a background in Finance and marketing. She spent three years refining the Center’s business model, scope of offerings and its green-focused natural environment.

Studies show that it is scientifically true that letting thoughts go and being immersed in nature helps calm, center, and heal both body and mind. Clearly that is what Lisa Goodwin had in mind when she included an indoor garden in the Center’s design plan. The garden is separated from the movement studio by sliding barn doors. Both areas become one when the doors are parted to make room for special events and large gatherings. In keeping with the nature-centered focused, organic, foods, snacks and refreshments are also part of the offering.

Rise will have a full range of movement and meditation classes on its schedule. Marcia Childress, RN and Program Director, is working with highly experienced and naturally gifted teachers and therapeutic practitioners to create well rounded class options. Designed to serve the busy professional, the Center’s classes will mostly be scheduled during the morning, lunchtime and in the evening after work hours.

In addition to decades of nursing and integrative health study and practice, Childress is a Yoga teacher and Healing Touch practitioner. She is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and received her BSN from Georgetown University. “Rise is a whole new concept,” said Childress. “We provide an environment to immerse in nature’s healing capacities, while learning how to cultivate clarity and calm in the body and mind. These states maximize health and help us to access our greatest capacities to manage the challenges of life,” she added. 

Guest speakers and instructors will host Lunch & Learn classes and workshops. The Lunch & Learn sessions will teach important concepts and offer solution to easily shift into a peaceful, balanced state at any time. Workshops will vary in scope and non-members of Rise can attend. Coming up in January 2018, the center will celebrate with a weeklong grand opening and at that time offer free attendance to its classes and events.

“Rise is a special place with an emphasis on showing green initiatives on a budget. We have thought of every detail for a relaxing experience – from soothing sounds to eye catching greenery and reclaimed wood products,” says Goodwin.

For more information about Rise visit (Facebook: Rise Well- Being Center)or email info@Risewellbeing. center.