Bob McMillan's Well-Being Tip: Move!



“To restore life to your life, to defeat aging, to regain the youth you still possess,

 get your body in motion.”

— from  Act Your Age , an essay by George Sheehan.


The author of that quote is right of course. If you don’t move your body the way nature intended it to move, your muscles will shrink and lose their strength, your bones will get brittle and become easy to break, your blood will pool like a stagnate pond, your joints will get rusty and squeak like ancient hinges. And your breathing will become shallow as your lungs lose their elasticity.

But when you do move your body, and take care of yourself like nature intended, your muscles will fill out and gain strength, your bones will get stronger, and you will move with the the power, fluidity and grace of a well maintained race car . . . A jungle cat on the prowl . . . A thoroughbred playing in a “horse country” pasture.


That’s what you need to come alive, feel alive and stay alive. That’s what Health, Fitness and Personal Energy is all about. That’s how you stave off chronic illness and stay independent as you get older. That’s how you awaken the Fountain of Youth within you and energize the Flow of Life.

So, whether it’s yoga, dance, pilates, weights, running, walking, or whatever your choice of movement may be, you must get your body in motion . . . Your well-being depends on it.

Bob McMillan is a Senior Fitness Specialist (NASD),  blogger, speaker and workshop leader on the subject of Health, Fitness & Personal Energy for Active Seniors. His blog is at