Christina's Well-Being Tip


Wellness is very different from one person to the next. How I practice wellness from day to day is by incorporating ‘Mind, Body, and Soul’ activities! This is something a friend of mine shared with me years ago that just stuck! The best part of this, is that you can personalize it! Mind activities are the ones that are stimulating and challenging your mind. For me, I like to do Soduku puzzles, read, color or journal! Body activities are the ones that have you using your body! It can be anything from practicing yoga to taking a spin class, or maybe just taking a walk! Soul activities area always fun for me, because they are those activities that just make you feel good! You know the ones, the ones that make you smile uncontrollably and just make your heart happy! For me personally, I love to dance, take baths, light candles, make something yummy in the kitchen, call a family member, play with my dog, or watch a really funny movie! The important thing that I have found with this exercise is making sure that I have done a mind, body, and soul activity every day. Sometimes if I’m feeling a little off and I reflect on what I’ve done that day, I usually find that I did way too many body activities and have totally neglected my mind! It’s always encouraged to complete more than one of each category every day, but I have found that each one must be completed to help me feel my very best!