Dancing through Life - Cami's Well-Being Tip:

I love to move and dance, but sometimes it seems this is restricted to the hour long Nia class or the dance floor. Why? It's a true joy to increase my well-being by becoming aware of movement throughout the day.


Getting in and out the car, I sense the opening of my hip joints as I put one leg out and then the other - my femurs move away and then toward each other like reuniting best friends. In the grocery store a reach to the top shelf becomes a full body experience by taking a breath, imagining stretching to the tips of my wings and sensing the push of the ball of my foot. Binge watching Netflix? (Yes, I do that too 😊) Every time the theme song comes on I can use my palms to pat my body to the rhythm.  Pushing the vacuum is a LOT more fun if I imagine it is a sexy dance partner! 

All these moments of movement may not be ready for the dance floor or Broadway stage - but the point  is to be aware of seeking pleasure in the smallest moment. When I slow down during a mundane activity and take time to turn it into a dance, I sense immediate awareness of my body and I stay grounded, relaxed and joyful.

Cami St. Germain teaches Nia and Moving to Heal on Mondays.  Her Dancing through Life tip is a Nia principle too.