Jorge's Well-Being Tip

weighted 128 fork.jpg

Most mornings, I start my day with a mix of diverse practices to put me in the best possible emotional, spiritual, mental and physical state for the day. One of my practices involves the use of weighted tuning forks on my body. Weighted forks releases Nitric Oxide (NO) which reduces pain and inflammation. Additionally, it helps the body release stuck energy which can be emotional.

The first step is to activate the weighted tuning fork. Activating a tuning fork means to get it vibrating. This involves striking it against a hockey puck, your hand or somewhere else on your body that isn't sensitive. Next, place the tuning fork -or forks- on the knees, hips, chest, back, head and bottoms of your feet. Place them anywhere on your body that you think could benefit from the vibration. Keep activating the fork -or forks- as needed.  It's really that simple. This will help keep you in-tune physically and emotionally.

Tuning forks can be found easily on the internet. I recommend the 128 Hz Otto Tuner from The 54.81 Hz and 62.64 Hz weighted tuning forks from are great as well when used together.

As an aside, Nitric Oxide is an important molecule to health. If you want to check your NO levels, try a NO test strip from HumanN ( They also sell NO supplements which I take. Check with your health care professional before taking any supplements.

Jorge Lugo