Marcia's Well-Being Tip


Time in nature was the first of many things that came to mind as the answer to: “what supports my well-being?” Since I could walk, I walked out the door. I have had to move frequently and am always able to find the sense of permanent home when I am surrounded by trees, gazing at the sky, listening to bird sounds. Even writing now, the memory of this seeps into my skin and my breathing, and I feel the sun brighten in my chest. No matter what stresses are created by the chaos of our human-made civilization, I am calmed by the chaos of foliage, roots, and minerals. All who know me, know the comfort I find in walking my dog. Pepper provides me daily, frequent reminders to step into the great outdoors. She has given me the opportunity to know local trails and landscapes like I know the white of her aging face. She has given me so much joy because she embodies joy as she runs unleashed in protected areas and leaps over logs while chasing squirrels. So… I am ending with a second way I support my well-being: by loving unconditionally. And pets are the perfect practice for this!