Meet Dante Baker

We are so pleased to have Dante on our staff.  Dante has a wealth of knowledge about the human body, fitness and healing.  See his certifications and training in his bio on our team page.  


“I have often been asked by people who start to get to know me,” How did you start your spiritual journey?” I normally start by saying that my mom (Beverly Nickerson) introduced me a wide spectrum of healers, practitioners and spiritual teachers at a young age. When I was a teenager, she would have Shamans from Peru give healings and psychic readings inside of our home to people from the DC area. I was fascinated by their craft and how many people’s lives they would affect in a positive way. After watching these Shamans perform such magical healings on their clients, I constantly wonder if those same clients ever learned how to heal themselves once the Shamans when back to Peru. I wanted to educate those same people different method of self healing which inspired me to learn Qi gong, Yoga and Meditation. That is what keeps me teaching here at Rise Well-Being and I hope to share my practice with you.”