Meet Dr. Catherine Akbarieh

Throughout her career as a dentist and health practitioner, education and prevention have been the cornerstones of Catherine’s passion and work. It is through her personal health challenges that she has arrived to appreciate the value of supportive, holistic therapies. And that, along with using food as “medicine”, became the starting point of re-directing her mindset. 

Information is so powerful in preventing problems… and prevention is so much more affordable & easier to implement. That is the idea behind Reflective Wellness, LLC:  Reflect on your Choices…They reflect on your Wellness.

Everything she teaches, she practices; every therapy, technique, product that she is passionate about, she has experienced first-hand, and seen the positive results from. So have her family members, as they would rush to tell you: Catherine doesn’t give up on reaching out and educating!  Her niece says: “Aunty finds a way to throw in every conversation a little blip about health, or an essential oil, or the property of a food!”


“I have had wonderful practitioners and therapists, who have not only helped me get healthier, they’ve woken me up to see and think differently.  I am forever grateful to my teachers, who became my guiding lights when no clear solution was apparent to me. They did not just teach me techniques or perform a therapy; they empowered me to heal myself.”

“It is my goal to pay that forward… to educate, to inspire, to empower. It is a most rewarding feeling to touch, in a positive way, the lives of those we come in contact with, and leave a wonderful feeling after we part.”

“In a world where talk is so cheap, and “health”, “wellness” and “natural” have become “buzz” words that are cool to use, surrounding oneself with people of like minds and beautiful differences, is a gift. 

“The authenticity of personality and practice, living the life that models what we teach and preach, is such a valuable part of Rise Well-Being Center’s mission. At Rise, I feel at home, surrounded with love and respect.”

Catherine loves nature, bird watching and salt water marine life. She loves experimenting with fresh foods and culinary traditions. Her inspiring sports are figure skating (she used to coach at amateur levels), and swimming, which she finds very meditative, and table tennis. And she likes spelling her favourite words with a “u”, to stay true to her Canadian upbringing!

She practices yoga and meditation, loves dance and movement, and is a student of spiritual traditions. “I first met Lisa and Marcia last year at Love Your Body day, and I am so thrilled to be a part of their beautiful, calm, collaborative community of practitioners who share at the heart of their practice, the love of others, and the joy of sharing, inspiring each other and their clients.  We are all travel-mates in this journey called Wellness. I am honored to be on board this ship.