Meet Jackie Tury


Jackie Tury, MSW, CPC is an artist, life coach, workshop leader and the founder of Artful Awakenings.  Her passion is helping others awaken their mind, body, and spirit through art and the creative process.  Jackie creates colorful, inspirational artwork infused with positive energy. Her coaching services, workshops and retreats uniquely blend personal and spiritual growth with expressive arts, guiding others to experience their own “artful awakenings.”

Jackie sees painting as a source of joy, healing and self-discovery. She believes creativity can be used to connect to self, others, the universe and your own unique purpose. Jackie considers art an important part of her self-care practice and wellness routine.   She understands the beauty and power of art to transform, heal and inspire! 


When not in the studio painting, Jackie can be found swimming in the ocean, walking in the woods, and spending time in nature with her family.  She also enjoys yoga, reiki, meditation, travel, and photography.

“Rise is a dream come true for me!  For years I’ve been envisioning a peaceful, nurturing space dedicated to individual and collective well-being.  Lisa and Marcia have created just that! I am so grateful to be part of the Rise community!”

To learn more about Jackie and see more of her art go to: or connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.