Meet Jason Unger, photographer


When I was a kid I was introduced to the world as a place that needed to be explored.  I had no idea why I felt compelled to see as much as I could, but I enjoyed every moment of it.  As I got older I found my love for photography and it became a way for me to express myself.  I never took a formal photography class, but continued to learn as much as I could from anyone that would teach me.  Fifteen years ago I found myself looking for a career change and I became a flight attendant so I could see the world.  Today I am still a flight attendant as my full time job and have been taking pictures while on layovers and vacations all over the world.  I am lucky to be able to say that I have been to 48 states and over 30 countries.  Most of my trips I was accompanied by my camera so I could capture the moments in my life that I never believed as a child I would ever be afforded to have.  I always kept these pictures to myself or shared them with a few people from time to time, until about a year ago when a friend of mine told me that my pictures were great and that I should be doing something with them.  Its been an amazing journey so far, and this is just the beginning.  


As I have traveled the world I have learned first hand how truly lucky we are to live in the United States and are able to take for granted things that most people in the world could only dream of.  I’ve always tried to help out in anyway that I could, for that reason I have decided that I am going to be donating 25% of the proceeds of all my art to charity.  The first charity that I am going to be donating to is one that believes that no child should die from a curable condition.  If you would like to learn more about this charity you can go to their website 

If you would like to see more of my work you can view my website or checkout my instagram: Ungeronthego.