Meet Mike Cummins

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Michael is a continuous learner with a focus on self-development. He practices and studies Kundalini Yoga, the Qabalah, Jungian Psychology and A Course in Miracles. Each of these disciplines provide practices, insights, tools and techniques that he uses with others to enhance their learning and development.

Mike tells us, “Several years ago, a life-changing event put me on the path to be of service to others. I had a successful career, beautiful home, wonderful friends, and a great family, but I started to feel that something was missing. One morning, I was working out to relieve stress (mostly from feeling that my life was out of alignment), and I suddenly thought, “There has got to be a better way.”

It was in that moment that I realized that my life thus far was based on “what I was supposed to do.” In other words, my life decisions were made based on external motivations. An unmistakable clarity arose within my thoughts and inspired me to develop an “inside-out” way of living.

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I immediately started to reflect on my life and my gifts. While I’m an engineer by training, I am also an empath and have strong intuition. I’ve known about my gifts since I was very young, but never understood how they could be used. During my reflections, the urge to dig deeper and truly understand who I am resulted in the realization that, at work and in my everyday life, I most enjoy helping other people to be successful.”

Mike also has his own coaching business inspiring you to live and work with purpose. Learn more here: