Meet Pamela Warner Rosenthal

Yoga plays to both my loves, community, "sangha," and the love of nature.

Human beings seek the connection with one another. We look for recognition, eye contact, approval and praise.  Yoga teaches us to look within ourselves for these things as well.


My goal for the time spent with my students is that they be present and comfortable in their  physical body. I work to engage and implement their breath in a way that keeps them present in this time we spend together. The yoga mat represents a place where we safely come to unite the body, breath and spirit within each of us. It does not have to be a mat, it can be a chair.  What is important is that it be a place to create a moving meditation of breath, recognition of self and knowledge of what best serves us.

Pamela Warner Rosenthal

RYT 500Prime of Life Yoga (POLY)--Certified Instructor