Meet Robyn Wolf

Life is one big journey … Life is years of self-discovery … the time for constant learning, change and growth.


I began my journey as a medium a long time ago, when I was a small child. But like so many others, I shoved my gifts down my throat so as not to be ridiculed by my peers. Things changed when my mom became gravely ill. I questioned death. Why did she die at such a young age? She was a good woman, so why? 

All my questions forced me to read many books and to take various workshops. I worked with the best international evidential mediums. I began seeing and hearing Spirit. I can remember sitting in my kitchen or hiking in the woods, and I would smell her perfume. And if I sat very quietly, I could hear her speak to me. I would feel her brush her hand against mine, her lips kissing my cheek. Today, I speak to my mom with ease and converse with her daily, knowing that she is always walking beside me.

I am just one of many mediums who communicate with our departed loved ones in the Spirit World (Summerland) by means of mediumship. I am an evidential medium & psychic. To me, there is nothing better than connecting you with your loved ones in the Spirit World (Summerland), or sharing guidance and/or assistance when you have specific questions about your life path. Through mediumship, I can help people to heal from the loss of a loved one.

Communication with the Spirit World is available to each one of us. Our departed loved ones still want to see us, talk to us, be near us. They, believe it or not, miss us more than we miss them. We are still going on with our daily lives, hugging & kissing their loved ones – but they are souls with no physical body, and they can only watch and do various things to get our attention. It is not uncommon for our departed loved ones to flicker lights on and off, move things, leave coins for us, and so much more. A medium can bring you wonderful & loving messages.

All of us – me and you –can sit in the quiet of our own homes, in our own space, and meditate, reaching out to our loved ones in the Spirit World and know that they are always with us. And if we pay close attention, we can even feel their breath and we can hear their words. How healing is that!

We are immortal. How crazy and wonderful is that!?! Our body dies a physical death. But our soul! Our soul moves on to a greater place. A place where we continue learning, where we continue growing and living. Life is continuous and never ending.



Do not stand at my grave and weep, 
I am not there – I do not sleep. 
I am the thousand winds that blow, 
I am the diamond glints in snow, 
I am the sunlight on ripened grain, 
I am the gentle autumn rain. 
As you awake with morning's hush 
I am the swift-up-lifting rush 
Of quiet birds in circling flight. 
Do not stand at my grave and cry, 
I am not there – I did not die.

~Mary Frye

I am looking forward to teaching workshops and leading meditations at Rise Well-Being. They have a wonderful, beautiful and comforting space. I am excited to help you learn how to raise your vibration so you may speak to your own departed loved ones. And to help you with mindfulness meditations, to live your life in the moment, letting go of what happened earlier in the day or what might happen tomorrow.