The Benefits of Employees Napping

The data is clear, everyone wins when people are rested.  Napping helps achieve that.  In, Take a Nap! Change your life. authors Sara C. Mednick, PhD and Mark Ehrman present the case for employers to support and provide opportunity for their employees to nap.  This is a follow up to my earlier post "The Results You'll Get From Resting".  At Rise, we would like to get the word out.  So we will be offering Wellnesses class about the benefits of napping and will sell copies of the book.  We will also have our napping room available for reservation so you can try it out.

woman napping.jpg


1      Fewer Missed Days.   Even healthy employees are absent due to fatigue and related illnesses concluded a 1999 study.  Lack of adequate sleep weakens the immune system, plays a role in depression and reduces motivation, alertness and cognition.  Napping contributes to an increase in the health and well-being of employees and thus reduces days missed.

2     Increases Productivity.  Multiple studies show improved alertness, memory processing and decision-making including NASA napping studies which report a 13 percent average productivity increase.  

3     Improved Employee Retention.  Employees want a better balance between work/personal life demands and their health.  A key concept of napping is the ability todo this.  Employers who understand and support this will see increases in employee satisfaction, morale and productivity.

4     Saves Money.  All the above contributes.   Napping is a simple low cost way of assisting with employee well-being. In 2013,  A Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine study found nearly 40% of U.S. workers experience fatigue and costs their employers more than $136 billion per year in lost productivity due to health-related causes.