Rachel shares her Well-Being tip


One of my favorite ways to support my own well-being is journaling. I'm obsessed with setting intentions, physically on paper. Whether it be for an entire month, week, or just a specific day that I feel I need more guidance. When I write an intention down, I imagine the universe is reading along with me and holding me accountable for the goals I set while also leading me in a positive direction so I may reach my goals. 

Journaling is so powerful to me, I also just use it as a way to let any and all feelings out. I struggle with anxiety daily and writing in the mornings or night really helps. Sometimes, my handwriting is perfect and I use pretty colors to show my emotions. Other times I grab whatever pencil is near me and I scribble everything down, almost cleaning out the clutter in my mind. I'll act as if I'm writing to myself, the universe or someone in my life that is affecting me. There are things that I don't always want to share with my loved ones, but I really need to get off my chest; journaling lets me do that. I also reread my journal entries from the past, from a week ago to five years ago. I love to watch myself grow.