Meet Rita Maximilian


Rita’s Wellness Tip

Wellness has been a loaded buzz word the last few years. On the one hand it is a good thing as it is now on everyone's radar. On the other hand though it can be overwhelming as there is so much information out there giving us anxiety as yet another thing we should be doing to be whole and happy. My recommendation is to do some research, talk with wellness practitioners, ask friends what they are doing and then decide what works for you. Choose activities that will nourish your body, your mind and your heart/soul/spirit also. Choose ones that are easy to keep and ones that resonate with you and your lifestyle. Wellness and well-being is a whole person experience and it's best if practiced daily. Always be kind to yourself about these activities, be open minded that they might change as you change or your circumstances change. We learn and evolve every single day of our lives so our wisdom of what we need should do as well time to time. 


All that said, one of my favorite practices the last year or so has been my morning check in. As soon as I wake up, still in bed, I take a few deep belly breaths, place one hand onto my heart the other on my belly and greet my body. I would say to myself: "Good morning belly, good morning heart, good morning legs good morning [FILL IN HERE with any part of you that needs a greeting]. Thank you for carrying me, my insides, my outsides, my thoughts, my feelings. I am grateful for your strength, your unique beauty, your perfection to keep me going. I love you and I appreciate you, lets have an amazing day". I change it up as I feel every single morning. It takes about a minute, while I also use  my deep breathing to scan my body. If you have more time (I have a four year old who now might sleep later than me so this minute has been getting a little longer) enjoy more time checking in. Give gratitude to your body, send love to it, appreciate it no matter what. And with that deep appreciation from the morning on, you can have a good start followed by other mindful practices throughout the day. Good luck!