September 2018 Team Member Spotlight - Elizabeth Finnan


Elizabeth is a yoga therapist, yoga instructor, Ayurvedic health coach and Reiki Master.  She enjoys integrating energy healing modalities with therapeutic yoga, aromatherapy, elements of Ayurveda, hatha yoga, pranayama and meditation for a full mind, body, spirit transformation.  She teaches yoga classes, leads workshops and teacher training courses at Rise.  We are honored to have her as part of our team.  Elizabeth teaches every Thursday at Rise including: Restorative Flow with Reiki, Street Clothes stretch and Meditation.  

What is Elizabeth passionate about?


I would describe myself as a seeker, student and servant.  I am passionate about understanding Divine Truth and Source, learning and helping people.  I am always studying. I love sharing with others what I’ve learned and helping them on their path.  It’s my desire to help bring people deeper into transformation by giving them the tools they need to live their potential of greater health, ease and wholeness.  Additionally, I have a particular passion for teaching to seniors.  Part of my mission is to teach teachers how to safely and effectively teach to this very special population through my course Sunset Yoga. 

What does she like about being at Rise?

Rise has all 3 components of a sacred, healing space.  The space itself is peaceful and projects the energy of love and nourishment.  It feels great just to walk into Rise!  The teachers and practitioners here all excel in their field.  I love having the opportunity to work alongside such skilled and enlightened co-workers.  The last component that brings it all together are the very special people that Rise attracts.  The members and visitors to Rise make an amazing, uplifting, inspired community.  


Elizabeth Finnan, C-IAYT, E-200/500RYT, AFAA, Reiki Master