The Power of Mindfulness Meditation by Bennett Crawford

Mindfulness Meditation as you know has become very popular these days. If you google “mindfulness” on the web you will find countless hits on the subject. There are books, articles and several studies on mindfulness showing how it is beneficial for our overall health and well-being. And yet, for many, mindfulness meditation practice has been a difficult practice to engage in on a daily life despite how much we know it is good for us.


                  For over 10 years, I have been practicing mindfulness meditation and I remember very well when I first began meditating how challenging it was. So I am very familiar with the resistance to practicing mindfulness. To sit still and be with my racing mind was not easy and then to question whether or not I was “doing it right” created even more resistance. However with time and patience, I decided to make mindfulness a commitment. Over time with accumulated practice, what I found most beneficial and inspiring about meditation was how the practice helped me become more compassionate, and more loving toward myself and others. I also found overall with practice there was a greater sense of freedom, spaciousness, peace and joy. I also noticed there was less suffering in my experience and more flow in my life.  I am not saying that I did not or do not now have those challenging “triggering” moments. I certainly do and this is why I continue to practice! But what I have found most inspiring about mindfulness is the development and greater capacity to be with the fullness of experience with more wisdom, compassion, grace, ease and yes- respect for the human condition. 

Mindfulness meditation continues to remind me of the power of being fully present and how it can reduce our suffering by half or even more. Pain will still be part of our life because of the human condition however suffering will be optional. This means that yes, even with meditative skills you can count on experiencing the full range of sensations, feelings and emotions whether it is unpleasant, pleasant or neutral because of the fact that you are human, but the story, narrative or judgements around these experiences will not have as much hold on you. You will thus experience more freedom, ease and flow in your life and experience.  I have found when you learn to accept and embrace your humanity and at the same realize your Divinity, you discover the true power of mindfulness meditation. 

Practice: Just take a moment now and be present in your body without judgment. Be curious about what it feels to be alive in this moment. Feel in the sensations of the body. Become attune to the field of sensations within your body as a whole. Feel the ground and the support beneath you. Feel how you are being held and supported right now. Feel the space around you and listen intently to the sounds around you with an alert, open and curious, nonjudgmental awareness. In this moment, in your direct experience, what are you experiencing? What do you notice by simply BEING.

 With this experience and knowing and being fully present, this creates the space for a higher wisdom and compassion to emerge. Simply be and the power of mindfulness meditation will open you up to a new way of being.