Upscale your holiday menu - Lisa Jackson's Well-Being Tip

Food is emotional and social. It can be life affirming and anti-aging or it can lead to inflammation and dis-ease. It can be challenging to nourish yourself and find optimal health when the SAD (standard American diet) is so inflammatory. How do you upscale next week’s holiday menu so that it is healthy, nourishing and delicious? Here’s my favorite super simple solution:


  • If you choose to have classic barbecue, then choose to have an alkaline and cleansing salad to help with detoxification. You could make this colorful rainbow kale salad (click on image to access recipe):
  • Instead of the chemical laden, nutrient poor, and allergenic nacho cheese dip, make this nacho cheese dip. You can literally make it faster than a trip to the 7-11! Serve with cold jicama slices for extra vitamin C, fiber, and a sweet satisfying crunch. Your gut, your skin, and your libido will thank you!  (click on image to access recipe):
  • If corn is part of your summer tradition, then choose organic heirloom corn that is not genetically engineered and sprayed with Roundup. Roundup (glyphosate) not only damages the gastrointestinal lining, but Roundup is a xenoestrogen and can contribute to breast, ovarian and prostate cancers
  • For dessert, who can resist watermelon on a hot summer day?
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    Most of all, breathe, relax and celebrate your freedom to choose healthy options and enjoy being with friends and family. Feeling good is the number one simple solution to well-being!