Gemstones support our well-being!

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Did you ever wonder why people love gemstones? Well, besides the fact that they are incredibly beautiful….Gemstones have healing properties!  You can add more peace, balance or other qualities to your life by incorporating gemstones. They can enhance your life in many ways. You can add some to your workspace at the office and wear others as colorful jewelry.  For example, here is how Healing Crystals describes Rose Quartz," The soothing energy of Rose Quartz fosters empathy, reconciliation, and forgiveness of others. Lowering stress and tension in the heart, Rose Quartz clears out anger, jealousy, and resentment of others, and allows healing of heart issues and dis-ease associated with holding on to such negative emotions."  At Rise, we have incorporated gemstones throughout our space.  If you haven’t come by yet, please do so.  We’d love to show you how we’ve put them to good use and suggest ways you can too.  We have just added some gemstone jewelry to our retail offerings. Gemstones have become popular and there are many places where you can purchase them. There are also lots of books describing their individual properties and ways in which they are helpful. We have a few in our lending library you can borrow or peruse!  I have found that Healing Crystals in Dulles, VA is an incredible resource for both information and good, quality gemstones at reasonable prices.  

Lisa Goodwin

Elizabeth's Well-Being Tip


I love to learn new things and to study!  One of the ways I connect with other people is by sharing what I’ve learned. The last two years I have been studying the wisdom of Ayurveda.  Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga and is literally translated as the Science or Knowledge of Life.  Ayurveda offers a different perspective on health and well-being.  It offers instruction on how we can keep and care for our physical bodies.  One simple concept in Ayurveda is Dinacharya-following the daily rhythms of life.  We can create optimal health and well-being by following nauture’s cue and getting into the flow and rhythm of our planet and our own natural cellular intelligence.  These rhythms include things such as going to bed early, waking early, elimination, exercise, meditation, eating at the same time each day and body care practices. Our body systems thrive when we are in sync with nature and with the nature of our body systems.  For example, our digestive system has an intelligence to its’ inner workings and when we are tuned into that and honor that, we can extract maximum nutrients from our foods, we have regular elimination, and no digestive issues.



The Dinacharya practice that I have made a consistent habit is drinking hot water with lemon in the morning.  This practice over a period of time has many health benefits.  It helps with hydration, boots your immune system, assists with digestion and peristalsis, flushes the liver, reduces inflammation, and is loaded with nutrients. Since making this a regular morning practice, I have found that I start my day hydrated and clear headed.  I have more energy, improved digestion and my skin looks great too!  Give it a try and see how your body systems respond.  Upon waking in the morning, heat 8 ounces of water and add the juice of half a lemon.  Drink it within 10 to 15 minutes.  Good luck!

For more information on Ayurveda, visit:

Christina's Well-Being Tip


Wellness is very different from one person to the next. How I practice wellness from day to day is by incorporating ‘Mind, Body, and Soul’ activities! This is something a friend of mine shared with me years ago that just stuck! The best part of this, is that you can personalize it! Mind activities are the ones that are stimulating and challenging your mind. For me, I like to do Soduku puzzles, read, color or journal! Body activities are the ones that have you using your body! It can be anything from practicing yoga to taking a spin class, or maybe just taking a walk! Soul activities area always fun for me, because they are those activities that just make you feel good! You know the ones, the ones that make you smile uncontrollably and just make your heart happy! For me personally, I love to dance, take baths, light candles, make something yummy in the kitchen, call a family member, play with my dog, or watch a really funny movie! The important thing that I have found with this exercise is making sure that I have done a mind, body, and soul activity every day. Sometimes if I’m feeling a little off and I reflect on what I’ve done that day, I usually find that I did way too many body activities and have totally neglected my mind! It’s always encouraged to complete more than one of each category every day, but I have found that each one must be completed to help me feel my very best!

Meet Jackie Tury


Jackie Tury, MSW, CPC is an artist, life coach, workshop leader and the founder of Artful Awakenings.  Her passion is helping others awaken their mind, body, and spirit through art and the creative process.  Jackie creates colorful, inspirational artwork infused with positive energy. Her coaching services, workshops and retreats uniquely blend personal and spiritual growth with expressive arts, guiding others to experience their own “artful awakenings.”

Jackie sees painting as a source of joy, healing and self-discovery. She believes creativity can be used to connect to self, others, the universe and your own unique purpose. Jackie considers art an important part of her self-care practice and wellness routine.   She understands the beauty and power of art to transform, heal and inspire! 


When not in the studio painting, Jackie can be found swimming in the ocean, walking in the woods, and spending time in nature with her family.  She also enjoys yoga, reiki, meditation, travel, and photography.

“Rise is a dream come true for me!  For years I’ve been envisioning a peaceful, nurturing space dedicated to individual and collective well-being.  Lisa and Marcia have created just that! I am so grateful to be part of the Rise community!”

To learn more about Jackie and see more of her art go to: or connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.

July 2018 Team Member Spotlight - Carolyn Weininger


What are you most passionate about?

I want to empower everyone I meet to live a happy and healthy life. To some of us, self-care may feel selfish - but it is critical to living life at it’s best. I spent a majority of my life self loathing, thinking that I was not good enough. This destructive thinking really takes it’s toll on the psyche. About 5 years ago I heard an interview with Dianne VonFurstenburg and she said -  “The most important relationship you will ever have is then one you have with yourself”. It rocked my world and I remember feeling as if I had been struck by lightening.  This revelation has helped me to find a better way to live. With self-compassion we give ourselves the same kindness and compassion we would give to a loved one.  On an airplane, an oxygen mask drops in front of you. What do you do? As we all know, the first rule is to put on your own oxygen mask before you assist anyone else. Only when we first help ourselves can we effectively help others. Caring for yourself is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

                                                                      What do you enjoy about Rise?


I love the people at Rise! Lisa, Marcia and the diverse team of healers are amazing. I also love that Rise is a place where there are so many different types of healing modalities and treatments. From Sound Healing to Meditation to Chi Gong it not your typical studio. It is truly can oasis of healing.

Carolyn has over 800 hours of yoga teacher training and certifications including 200 hour E-RYT through YogaFit,  500E-RYT Prana Flow Yoga with Shiva Rea, and training in Restorative and Yin Yoga. She is an AFAA certified Group Exercise Instructor, and is a certified cycle instructor with Schwinn, Keiser and Cycle Reebok. She is proud ambassador for the Athleta Tysons Corner Store. In celebration of Carolyn, we are offering a special 2 for 1 deal; where you can bring a friend and take a class together for the price of 1.

Upscale your holiday menu - Lisa Jackson's Well-Being Tip

Food is emotional and social. It can be life affirming and anti-aging or it can lead to inflammation and dis-ease. It can be challenging to nourish yourself and find optimal health when the SAD (standard American diet) is so inflammatory. How do you upscale next week’s holiday menu so that it is healthy, nourishing and delicious? Here’s my favorite super simple solution:


  • If you choose to have classic barbecue, then choose to have an alkaline and cleansing salad to help with detoxification. You could make this colorful rainbow kale salad (click on image to access recipe):
  • Instead of the chemical laden, nutrient poor, and allergenic nacho cheese dip, make this nacho cheese dip. You can literally make it faster than a trip to the 7-11! Serve with cold jicama slices for extra vitamin C, fiber, and a sweet satisfying crunch. Your gut, your skin, and your libido will thank you!  (click on image to access recipe):
  • If corn is part of your summer tradition, then choose organic heirloom corn that is not genetically engineered and sprayed with Roundup. Roundup (glyphosate) not only damages the gastrointestinal lining, but Roundup is a xenoestrogen and can contribute to breast, ovarian and prostate cancers
  • For dessert, who can resist watermelon on a hot summer day?
  • If you like these recipes and would like to know more about healthful clean eating, then sign up to receive information about upcoming KickStart to Wellness Programs Here.  

    Most of all, breathe, relax and celebrate your freedom to choose healthy options and enjoy being with friends and family. Feeling good is the number one simple solution to well-being!


Meet Dr. Catherine Akbarieh

Throughout her career as a dentist and health practitioner, education and prevention have been the cornerstones of Catherine’s passion and work. It is through her personal health challenges that she has arrived to appreciate the value of supportive, holistic therapies. And that, along with using food as “medicine”, became the starting point of re-directing her mindset. 

Information is so powerful in preventing problems… and prevention is so much more affordable & easier to implement. That is the idea behind Reflective Wellness, LLC:  Reflect on your Choices…They reflect on your Wellness.

Everything she teaches, she practices; every therapy, technique, product that she is passionate about, she has experienced first-hand, and seen the positive results from. So have her family members, as they would rush to tell you: Catherine doesn’t give up on reaching out and educating!  Her niece says: “Aunty finds a way to throw in every conversation a little blip about health, or an essential oil, or the property of a food!”


“I have had wonderful practitioners and therapists, who have not only helped me get healthier, they’ve woken me up to see and think differently.  I am forever grateful to my teachers, who became my guiding lights when no clear solution was apparent to me. They did not just teach me techniques or perform a therapy; they empowered me to heal myself.”

“It is my goal to pay that forward… to educate, to inspire, to empower. It is a most rewarding feeling to touch, in a positive way, the lives of those we come in contact with, and leave a wonderful feeling after we part.”

“In a world where talk is so cheap, and “health”, “wellness” and “natural” have become “buzz” words that are cool to use, surrounding oneself with people of like minds and beautiful differences, is a gift. 

“The authenticity of personality and practice, living the life that models what we teach and preach, is such a valuable part of Rise Well-Being Center’s mission. At Rise, I feel at home, surrounded with love and respect.”

Catherine loves nature, bird watching and salt water marine life. She loves experimenting with fresh foods and culinary traditions. Her inspiring sports are figure skating (she used to coach at amateur levels), and swimming, which she finds very meditative, and table tennis. And she likes spelling her favourite words with a “u”, to stay true to her Canadian upbringing!

She practices yoga and meditation, loves dance and movement, and is a student of spiritual traditions. “I first met Lisa and Marcia last year at Love Your Body day, and I am so thrilled to be a part of their beautiful, calm, collaborative community of practitioners who share at the heart of their practice, the love of others, and the joy of sharing, inspiring each other and their clients.  We are all travel-mates in this journey called Wellness. I am honored to be on board this ship. 


Dancing through Life - Cami's Well-Being Tip:

I love to move and dance, but sometimes it seems this is restricted to the hour long Nia class or the dance floor. Why? It's a true joy to increase my well-being by becoming aware of movement throughout the day.


Getting in and out the car, I sense the opening of my hip joints as I put one leg out and then the other - my femurs move away and then toward each other like reuniting best friends. In the grocery store a reach to the top shelf becomes a full body experience by taking a breath, imagining stretching to the tips of my wings and sensing the push of the ball of my foot. Binge watching Netflix? (Yes, I do that too 😊) Every time the theme song comes on I can use my palms to pat my body to the rhythm.  Pushing the vacuum is a LOT more fun if I imagine it is a sexy dance partner! 

All these moments of movement may not be ready for the dance floor or Broadway stage - but the point  is to be aware of seeking pleasure in the smallest moment. When I slow down during a mundane activity and take time to turn it into a dance, I sense immediate awareness of my body and I stay grounded, relaxed and joyful.

Cami St. Germain teaches Nia and Moving to Heal on Mondays.  Her Dancing through Life tip is a Nia principle too.

Starting a Meditation practice


Meditation is a technique used to rest the mind and bring about a state of consciousness and sense of oneness with all. It is an inward focus which brings our mind beyond the daily mind experience and mental chatter to a higher state of awareness and awakening. This awakening invites us to step into the capacity we have to live fully and to connect to universal wisdom.  Meditation happens when we focus our minds in a chosen direction and we are able to maintain that connection for some period of time. It’s about cultivating the ability to be continuously connected to wherever you put your attention. It is the absorption of the observer and the observed. When this union happens and all else falls away, you are in a meditative state. It doesn’t matter how long this state lasts. It can be a few seconds to minutes at a time. The practice of meditation is about continuously bringing your attention back to your object of focus, i.e. breath, mantra, object, prayer.

Starting a meditation practice can seem intimidating, but let’s take the mystery out of meditation by following these simple steps. Let go of any expectations you might have about what it’s “supposed” to be or look like. Every person is different. Each time you meditate, it will be different. There is no right way to do things. You’re doing just fine.

▪ Set a realistic expectation of yourself for how long and how often you will practice. When creating a new habit, it is important to start small and build up. If you’ve never mediated before, even 5 minutes might seem like a lot. You can try beginning with 1 to 5 minutes of meditation. Do it as many days as you realistically think you can. Do this until it feels like a new habit. Then you can begin to either add time or add a day, but don’t do both at once.  When you are pressed for time, instead of skipping your practice, just shorten it. If you fall off the wagon, try not to judge yourself or beat yourself up. Just recognize it and begin again. Daily practice is the goal and for maximum benefits, work your way up to 20 minutes a day.

▪ Find a space in your home that is quiet and away from distractions. You will need a place to sit comfortably. It’s up to you if you want to make your space pretty. If you like, you can add candles, an altar or  fresh flowers. If you are using your phone as a timer or for guided meditation, make sure it is on “Do Not Disturb.”

▪ Sit upright with a long spine, as this helps keep us alert and aware. If you can’t sit comfortably on the floor with the legs crossed, then see if you can raise your hips by sitting on a pillow or sit in a chair with your spine supported and have your feet flat on the floor.

▪ For beginners, using your breath as your object of focus is easiest. To begin, close your eyes and focus your attention on your breath. Just follow the inhale and exhale and notice the qualities of the breath as you breathe. For example, you can notice the coolness of the air as you inhale and the warmth of the air as you exhale or the rise and fall of the belly as you breathe.

▪ When your focus gets interrupted (as it most definitely will) with thoughts, then acknowledge the thought and let it float by like a cloud in the sky, bringing your attention back to the breath. This may happen many times in the beginning of starting a meditation practice, but it will lessen over time as the mind becomes accustomed to stillness.  

Important Questions to Ask Yourself:

·        Why do you want to meditate?

·        What do you think is in it for you?

·        Where will you meditate?

·        When and how long will you meditate? Day(s), time of day, how long?


Non-judgement is probably the most important thing you can remember when beginning a meditation practice. Don’t judge yourself. Don’t judge your practice. If you fall off the wagon, hop back on. Remember that the point of meditation is not to have a particular experience or outcome, but to become aware of the present moment and Be in that moment, whatever it is. Bring an open heart and open mind to your meditation practice. Fill the spaces within yourself with compassion and love and in return you will find more peace, a greater connection to all and awaken to divine wisdom.

By Elizabeth Finnan of YogE Wisdom

Lisa's Well-Being Tip


Create a sanctuary in your bedroom.  One of the things that supports me the most is a good night’s sleep.  In order to achieve this, I have set up the most relaxing environment in my bedroom possible.  This means soothing colors, patterns and a few plants.  I have removed and keep out all clutter, electronics, work projects and anything else that might be a distraction.  For me this means, no TVs, computers or ipads.  As soon as I walk in, I feel the calm and peace. It’s a signal to my body to relax. It is also a great place to meditate with my dog.  If you’re having trouble getting to sleep or sleeping deeply, consider assessing your surroundings.  Use some trial and error to find what works for you.  We will soon all be saying "Namaste in bed!"

The Power of Mindfulness Meditation by Bennett Crawford

Mindfulness Meditation as you know has become very popular these days. If you google “mindfulness” on the web you will find countless hits on the subject. There are books, articles and several studies on mindfulness showing how it is beneficial for our overall health and well-being. And yet, for many, mindfulness meditation practice has been a difficult practice to engage in on a daily life despite how much we know it is good for us.


                  For over 10 years, I have been practicing mindfulness meditation and I remember very well when I first began meditating how challenging it was. So I am very familiar with the resistance to practicing mindfulness. To sit still and be with my racing mind was not easy and then to question whether or not I was “doing it right” created even more resistance. However with time and patience, I decided to make mindfulness a commitment. Over time with accumulated practice, what I found most beneficial and inspiring about meditation was how the practice helped me become more compassionate, and more loving toward myself and others. I also found overall with practice there was a greater sense of freedom, spaciousness, peace and joy. I also noticed there was less suffering in my experience and more flow in my life.  I am not saying that I did not or do not now have those challenging “triggering” moments. I certainly do and this is why I continue to practice! But what I have found most inspiring about mindfulness is the development and greater capacity to be with the fullness of experience with more wisdom, compassion, grace, ease and yes- respect for the human condition. 

Mindfulness meditation continues to remind me of the power of being fully present and how it can reduce our suffering by half or even more. Pain will still be part of our life because of the human condition however suffering will be optional. This means that yes, even with meditative skills you can count on experiencing the full range of sensations, feelings and emotions whether it is unpleasant, pleasant or neutral because of the fact that you are human, but the story, narrative or judgements around these experiences will not have as much hold on you. You will thus experience more freedom, ease and flow in your life and experience.  I have found when you learn to accept and embrace your humanity and at the same realize your Divinity, you discover the true power of mindfulness meditation. 

Practice: Just take a moment now and be present in your body without judgment. Be curious about what it feels to be alive in this moment. Feel in the sensations of the body. Become attune to the field of sensations within your body as a whole. Feel the ground and the support beneath you. Feel how you are being held and supported right now. Feel the space around you and listen intently to the sounds around you with an alert, open and curious, nonjudgmental awareness. In this moment, in your direct experience, what are you experiencing? What do you notice by simply BEING.

 With this experience and knowing and being fully present, this creates the space for a higher wisdom and compassion to emerge. Simply be and the power of mindfulness meditation will open you up to a new way of being. 

Did you miss "Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness with Mindfulness"?


Moira Lethbridge shared much about mindfulness in her life and the tools she's developed.  These have helped her stay present and detached when a situation arises that might cause a reaction instead of a response.  My favorite of her tools is "nature calls".  When someone is triggered or is getting upset, including you, simply excuse yourself for a bathroom break.  With the few minutes alone, you can mindfully breathe, create an animal alphabet or use another calming technique to center yourself. Then you can return to the situation and respond.  Genius!  

Wondering about the colorful frogs on the table?  That was part of the fun!

Learn more about Moira.

Marcia's Well-Being Tip


Time in nature was the first of many things that came to mind as the answer to: “what supports my well-being?” Since I could walk, I walked out the door. I have had to move frequently and am always able to find the sense of permanent home when I am surrounded by trees, gazing at the sky, listening to bird sounds. Even writing now, the memory of this seeps into my skin and my breathing, and I feel the sun brighten in my chest. No matter what stresses are created by the chaos of our human-made civilization, I am calmed by the chaos of foliage, roots, and minerals. All who know me, know the comfort I find in walking my dog. Pepper provides me daily, frequent reminders to step into the great outdoors. She has given me the opportunity to know local trails and landscapes like I know the white of her aging face. She has given me so much joy because she embodies joy as she runs unleashed in protected areas and leaps over logs while chasing squirrels. So… I am ending with a second way I support my well-being: by loving unconditionally. And pets are the perfect practice for this!

June 2018 Team Member Spotlight - Bennett Crawford


We asked Bennett what he's passionate about:  "What I have been most passionate about is teaching and sharing meditation. What makes me so passionate about it is the transformative potential of meditation on how it can awaken us to our essential nature as well as our deeper purpose in life. My heart filled desire is to help others discover their deeper nature and their deeper purpose so they can live life to the fullest. I have also been discovering a new passion such as hand drumming and the healing potential it brings through sound and rhythm."

What does he enjoy most about being at Rise?  "What I most enjoy about being at Rise are the wonderful talented and gifted staff and the services they provide. It's really great that there are a variety of holistic and integrated health and wellness classes and programs at Rise. I am so happy to be able to contribute my part. I have to also add that Rise has such a beautiful space! Just being in the environment is healing and nourishing in itself!"

Bennett Crawford is a licensed social worker and the founder of Awaken New Possibilities, LLC. He is a facilitator, coach, teacher and writer who specializes in the dynamic art of personal and collective change and transformation. Bennett has a passion for making a difference and to make the world a better place. We are honored to have him on our Team.  Bennett leads Inner Peace Meditation every Friday at lunch time.  To celebrate him and to help make the world a better place, we are offering all our Meditation classes for a $10 promotional fee in June.


Rachel shares her Well-Being tip


One of my favorite ways to support my own well-being is journaling. I'm obsessed with setting intentions, physically on paper. Whether it be for an entire month, week, or just a specific day that I feel I need more guidance. When I write an intention down, I imagine the universe is reading along with me and holding me accountable for the goals I set while also leading me in a positive direction so I may reach my goals. 

Journaling is so powerful to me, I also just use it as a way to let any and all feelings out. I struggle with anxiety daily and writing in the mornings or night really helps. Sometimes, my handwriting is perfect and I use pretty colors to show my emotions. Other times I grab whatever pencil is near me and I scribble everything down, almost cleaning out the clutter in my mind. I'll act as if I'm writing to myself, the universe or someone in my life that is affecting me. There are things that I don't always want to share with my loved ones, but I really need to get off my chest; journaling lets me do that. I also reread my journal entries from the past, from a week ago to five years ago. I love to watch myself grow. 


Rise Building Resources

Here is a list of many of the fantastic companies whose products helped created the special and unique Center that Rise is:

First and foremost, the fabulous architect that was indispensable: Deborah Buelow who has her own architecture firm: CEDAR architecture.

Construction was done by Green Touch Builders

Much of the wood working including the front desk top, entry bookcases, live edge benches and planter screening were hand made by wood workers at Fraser Wood Elements in Fredericksburg, VA.  They use reclaimed and eco-friendly products.  It's a great family owned business. 

Garden Trellis, front desk assembly and sides, and display shelves as well as shadow boxes were hand made by Cory Sana a local (Maryland based) builder and cabinet maker.  Check him out at: Always A Project

Barn doors are from Reclaimed Lumber Products, a family owned business in Idaho that takes down old buildings and re-mills the wood to create reclaimed wood products.

Napping room twin bed, bed frame and all pillows at Rise are from Savy Rest Natural Bedroom in Vienna, Va.  This is a fabulous, employee owned certified B Corporation.  Savy Rest has partnered with Rise to provide the twin bed as a way to introduce members to its all natural, organic and sustainable products.  Please visit their showroom or website and be sure to mention Rise for a special discount!

Meditation mats and cushions are also made by Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom.  These were originally made for a yoga studio but were never used.  So technically they are recycled but we purchased them brand new.  The mats are their dog beds with a special organic cover.  We loved recycled products!

Ceiling Fans are from Big Ass Fan Company located in Kentucky.

Flooring is a natural rubber and recycled cork sustainable product called Sustain from Zandur flooring.  

Carpeting is made by Interface Carpet, a pioneer in sustainability.  From their website: In 1994, Interface® Founder Ray Anderson challenged us to pursue a bold new vision "Be the first company that, by its deeds, shows the entire world what sustainability is in all its dimensions: people, process, product, place and profits - and in doing so, become restorative through the power of influence" The Interface journey toward sustainability has been a momentous shift in the way we operate our business and see the world.  

Bathroom tile is made by Florida Tile, a US based tile manufacturer.  

Ceiling tiles are Armstrong Sustain

Paint is all non VOC (Harmony formulation) from Sherwin Williams

Copper bowl pendants at entry and front desk are handmade by School House Electric Company  in their over a century old manufacturing plant in Portland, Oregon.

Garden trellis hanging lights and corresponding entry area shaded pendants are hand made to order by HangOut Lighting in Chicago.

Bathroom pendants are made by Rejuvenation in their Portland Oregon plant.

Bathroom mirrors are made of reclaimed fence pickets by Country by the Bumpkins , one of the amazing artisans on etsy. The find and replace damaged fence pickets on their neighbors' fences and others who can't afford to replace them.  They then repurpose the pickets into wood products.

Kitchenette countertops are made from recycled paper: Paperstone Products.

Unusual log planter, pencil holder and wood bowl holding crystals were made out of diseased ash trees cut down by the forest service. The Log Shop

Reclaimed wood flower boxes were handmade by several artisans on etsy:  Basement Woodworking and  RedOakRoad

Copper word sculptures used as room signs were handmade by Bethany at Stahlli Sculptures

Flower of Life mandala in Meditation room is handmade by Alkemymetal

Metal shelving brackets on retail shelves and back hallway shelf are hand made by HollowCreek Welding

Unique flower of life record clock in classroom is made by Convert This

Mosaic tile tables are handmade by our own Program Director, Marcia Childress.

Metal macrame hanging planter holders are made by Dean Maison

Reclaimed wood clock on kitchenette cabinets is handmade by ABWFrames

Black metal fleur-de-lis and butterfly hooks were made by Melding Studios

3D paper butterflies throughout the space were hand made by HeidisHubbub

Flowers and plants were purchased from and installed by Mill Street Plantworks, a local (Vienna), woman owned company.  Kathrine Hawley, owner, also provided her own aged clay pots and several branches to enhance the Center.

Many items are purchased from CraigsList: office desk, chairs in garden area, office chairs, console tables in movement, meditation and classroom, bookcases in gemstone rooms, kitchenette cabinets, some chairs in meditation room and more.


Rise Well-Being Center makes its debut in Viva Reston Magazine



Rise Well-Being Center has just completed its 3,500-square-foot space designed as a nature-centered gathering place offering respite to those with busy lives. It is housed in Suite 150 at 11130 Sunrise Valley Drive and will offer a variety of mindful movement, meditation and wellness classes along with one-on-one sessions.

Rise Well-Being Center is a dream realized by its Founder and General Manager, Lisa Goodwin to offer a path to wholeness and lasting well-being. According to Goodwin: “Rise is a conscious company being built in alignment with green environmental principles. The Center is architecturally designed and constructed with natural, recyclable and renewable elements, furnishings and products.” Goodwin graduated from the University of Virginia and has a background in Finance and marketing. She spent three years refining the Center’s business model, scope of offerings and its green-focused natural environment.

Studies show that it is scientifically true that letting thoughts go and being immersed in nature helps calm, center, and heal both body and mind. Clearly that is what Lisa Goodwin had in mind when she included an indoor garden in the Center’s design plan. The garden is separated from the movement studio by sliding barn doors. Both areas become one when the doors are parted to make room for special events and large gatherings. In keeping with the nature-centered focused, organic, foods, snacks and refreshments are also part of the offering.

Rise will have a full range of movement and meditation classes on its schedule. Marcia Childress, RN and Program Director, is working with highly experienced and naturally gifted teachers and therapeutic practitioners to create well rounded class options. Designed to serve the busy professional, the Center’s classes will mostly be scheduled during the morning, lunchtime and in the evening after work hours.

In addition to decades of nursing and integrative health study and practice, Childress is a Yoga teacher and Healing Touch practitioner. She is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and received her BSN from Georgetown University. “Rise is a whole new concept,” said Childress. “We provide an environment to immerse in nature’s healing capacities, while learning how to cultivate clarity and calm in the body and mind. These states maximize health and help us to access our greatest capacities to manage the challenges of life,” she added. 

Guest speakers and instructors will host Lunch & Learn classes and workshops. The Lunch & Learn sessions will teach important concepts and offer solution to easily shift into a peaceful, balanced state at any time. Workshops will vary in scope and non-members of Rise can attend. Coming up in January 2018, the center will celebrate with a weeklong grand opening and at that time offer free attendance to its classes and events.

“Rise is a special place with an emphasis on showing green initiatives on a budget. We have thought of every detail for a relaxing experience – from soothing sounds to eye catching greenery and reclaimed wood products,” says Goodwin.

For more information about Rise visit (Facebook: Rise Well- Being Center)or email info@Risewellbeing. center.