How it works:

So what might a lunchtime visit to Rise be like?


You leave your workplace to have your lunch break and take a short walk or drive to the center.  You open the doors and are immediately greeted by a relaxing yet uplifting atmosphere.  You breathe deeply noticing the pleasant smell and feel peace, leaving your stress and worry behind.

You'll turn off your phone & start to turn inward.

As you check in, you remind yourself to make the most of this sacred time you have today at the center.  This is your time to relax and restore.  You take in the soothing sounds around you: the nearby water feature  and the soft sounds of the natural world playing throughout.  As you make your way through the center, you are surrounded by many representations of nature from the cork floors to the reclaimed barn doors and flourishing plants.


Today, you have decided to take a meditation class.  You walk past the yoga class, remove your shoes and enter the meditation room. There are folks sitting on cushions.  You take a seat on a chair since you are wearing a suit.  The instructor leads you in a centering meditation.  Lasting 25 minutes, it is the perfect length to help you focus on being present to your life.

Remaining in your peaceful state, you walk to the  lobby area, select a quinoa bowl from the healthy, organic offerings, and walk into the garden.  You are met by lush green plants and flowers.  It’s a sea of green, brown and earth tones as you gaze upon rocks, plants, flowers and wood which fill the garden space.  Lunch out has never been this nourishing.

You breathe deeply, finish your lunch & move into your day with more energy, peace and ease.

As you leave, you remember to book a One on One session: Healing Touch with Marcia.  You turn your phone on and head back to your office with a clear mind, relaxed body and a smile on your face.  You already know that tomorrow it’ll be the yoga class and salad for lunch. 

You will never regret swapping the cost of your daily coffee shop beverage for access to Rise Well-Being Center.


We are excited to meet you!

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