Sample Corporate Wellness Program

We would be happy to provide Wellness, Meditation and Mindful Movement seminars to support your employees and your Corporate Wellness goals. We recommend beginning with a weekly 1 hour seminar at lunch time. Rise would provide a trained professional and all handouts or supplies needed for 25 people (or however many people can fit in your training space). For most of our seminars, we like to provide a short lecture, introduce a tool and then give time to practice and discuss. We will cater the seminars to your organization’s needs.

We will help you pick a suitable schedule depending on your corporate wellness goals and your present corporate environment. We have a long list of programs to offer. Your company’s current focus may be Health & Wellness or Stress Relief & Increase Productivity, we will tailor the topics accordingly.

Sample Schedule B - Stress Relief & Increase Productivity

Sample Schedule A - Health & Wellness

  • Week 1 - All Health Begins in the Gut

  • Week 2 - The Power of the Breath

  • Week 3 - Simple Stretches at Your Desk

  • Week 4 - The power of water and proper hydration

  • Week 1 - Better Sleep, Better You

  • Week 2 - Mindfulness for Stress Reduction

  • Week 3 - Boost your Productivity

  • Week 4 - Moving Meditation (QiGong)

We understand that you have offsite employees too. If it is possible to use Skype or another video conferencing tool on your site, we’d be happy to include others.

We look forward to partnering with you to bring more peace, balance and well-being into your workplace!