Carolyn Silvi

Reiki, Healing Touch and Prayerful Energy practitioner

Carolyn received her Nursing Diploma in 1970 from the Washington Hospital Center School of Nursing, followed by a BSN in 1977 from the University of Maryland. She retired in 2014 after 44 years of extensive RN experience. She's now fully focused on the holistic health practices she learned and began incorporating in her life after experiencing a serious health issue in 2003.

Like many women, Carolyn had many roles to fill and was taking care of everyone except herself. This realization was a catalyst for her holistic living and spiritual search. She studied many diverse integral health practices that led to improvements in her own life balance and health. This included study of healing touch and completion of master reiki training, amongst others. She recently finished a lengthy ministry program in 2017 that has clarified and strengthened her Christian faith. Her healing practice is prayerfully directed. Light touch may be used.