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Paras Kaul


Paras Kaul completed graduate studies at the Art Institute of Chicago and later held digital animation internships at Real Time Design in Chicago and at Paramount Studios in Hollywood. As a production assistant at Digital Effects, Inc. in NY, she handled postproduction operations for computer-animated film. As an assistant professor, she taught graduate students to analyze neurofeedback and produce brain wave games.  Kaul has also worked at MindSpec, Inc., a nonprofit organization that utilizes innovative bioinformatics strategies to accelerate research on common neurodevelopmental disorders associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

As a brainwave researcher and neurofeedback media artist, Kaul composes brain wave music and animation. She experiments with brain to computer interface technologies (BCI) for interactive gaming—intended to train the brain for rehabilitation and learning.  Kaul publishes peer-reviewed articles on brainwave learning and gaming and has been an invited speaker to France, Australia, and the UK—where she presented her gaming research at the Dana Centre Museum of Science in London.  

Currently, Kaul provides marketing assistance and support as well as conducts neurofeedback research at the Rise Well-Being Center in Virginia. At the center, she conducts neurofeedback analysis before and after attendees experience alternative treatments in order to collect data that supports the effectiveness of these treatments.