Christina Krueger

Yoga and mindful movement teacher


Christina has been moving since the age of 3 when she started dance. Throughout her whole life she has found a way to find a release and "breathe easier" when she can move her body. She started her journey teaching fitness classes in 2012 and has expanded her repertoire of classes in Zumba, HIIT, Bootcamp, Barre, Cardio Dance, Strength, and Yoga. With many foot injuries through her dancing days, she found true joy and peace taking yoga - the only form of exercise that was kind to her feet, allowed her to be barefoot and really feel the floor. She went through her Yoga Teacher Training in 2017! She quickly realized that yoga wasn't just a form of exercise, but a way for her to dance on her mat and truly calm her fast paced working mind with breath. Though being able to practice headstands, arm balances, and other challenging poses is SO much fun and physically rewarding, learning the process of mind of matter and the breath has been the most rewarding. Christina finds pure joy in helping people get to their "happy mind" and "happy body" through movement and is so excited to work with every soul that steps into the Rise studio!