Ingrid Czintos


Ingrid is a Wellness and Transformational Coach, Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, Bodyworker, Energy Healer, and the Director of AWAKE Wellness. She marries her extensive knowledge from working with the body for over 20 years along with over a decade of mindfulness meditation practice to facilitate people’s understanding of their unique mind-body connection.

As a bodyworker, she has seen and lived the truth in the mind/body connection, witnessing firsthand the cost to those who neglect the small, and sometimes big, signals their body sends. She believes that awareness of our unique mind/body connection creates the foundation for health to arise, in all its forms, throughout the entirety of one’s life.

By teaching evidence-based techniques that increase our awareness of our unique mind-body connection, and leading personalized mind-body discovery coaching sessions, Ingrid empowers her clients to connect with their body’s innate wisdom and deep internal resources for healing.

Ingrid is passionate and engaged with many different self-discovery tools and techniques such as: Insight Meditation, EFT (tapping), the Enneagram, Heartmath, Nonviolent Communication, Positive Neuroplasticity, yoga, massage, and dance.

In addition to coaching clients, Ingrid facilitates Insight and Heart Centered Meditation Sessions and offers trainings in “Cultivating Presence”, “Building Healthy Habits That Stick”, and an 8 week Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation series.

Her mission is to inspire, guide, and support people in uncovering their unique “Truth”, using the conduit of their own bodies, to connect them to their innate source of light, energy and power, so that they can naturally create a life that uniquely reflects their vision of abundance, joy, and health.