Liz Alamilla and Giselle Carames

Teaches Wellness and other series of Classes

Giselle is a gifted 13 yrs old, born with a mission to help in the raising of vibration and consciousness of this world.  Her mission will be manifested to help bring in the new and let go the old. She has been teaching classes and doing healing work for 2 years, though she has been orienting herself to her gifts since she was 7. She is striving to work within the authenticity and creation of her being.

- Liz is Giselle’s mom. She has studied nutrition and Healing Touch, and has had to learn an extensive amount rapidly as she witnessed her daughter's abilities emerge. As a result of that learning curve, she has uncovered her mission  to serve as a bridge between the understanding of the mind to the wisdom of the soul that is in pure connection with consciousness and source. In various ways she serves as a spiritual guide to those engaging in their own spiritual evolution.