Maryam Sardari

Reconnection Healing Practioner

Helping people uncover parts of themselves in order to heal has always been of interest to Maryam. Human behavior is her fascinated, as is the thinking that leads to it. 

Personal expression in all it's forms is an important part of her own growth, and as a result she recieved her masters degree in Art Therapy. She worked as an Art Therapist in a variety psychiatric settings, including NIH (National Institutes of Health). When lay offs due to budgetary cuts left her seeking a new position, her interest in healing led her to discover Reconnective Healing, a powerful form of energy healing which she has been facilitating for the past five years. Reconnective Healing is a return to an optimal state of balance. "I love working with this because I get to witness time and time again the effect on the clients." There are no negative side-effects and the vibrations go on for days after the session has ended. Each experience is unique.  She also facilitates Pranashakti Mahavidya, another modality in energy healing going back centuries. 

Maryam is an author, a motivational speaker and a Transformational Coach. For more info. please go to

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