The moment I walked through the doors of Rise Well-Being Center I felt like I had found home. Lisa and her team have created such a beautiful space for healing, wellness, and love. You can't help but feel positive, healthy, and relaxed when you are at this beautiful center! - E.S.

“Your place is beautiful and very accommodating. Your well-being center enabled us to have a super retreat, making plans for our spiritual community.” –J.D.

I work from home as a freelancer, and some days I feel too busy and overwhelmed to come to Rise even though I had planned to. On the days I come anyway it's amazing how much more productive and energized I feel. Even with a shorter workday I get more done and feel better about my work quality. Thanks so much for creating this amazing place! - K.S.

My work can be stressful at times and since I started yoga at Rise, I learned how to manage my stress better through various yoga breathing techniques. It improved my concentration and focus on the work at hand. I have more energy during my day and gradually adapting to better posture as I continue to practice the poses taught at Rise. It has shifted my mind to think more positively. It has increased overall well being greatly both in my working and personal life which is leading to a better work-life balance. - M.H.

For years my sister has been urging me to try meditation in times of stress. I finally decided to give it a try and with a quick google search found the sanctuary that is Rise. I always had the idea that meditation was eccentric and not for someone like me who tends to be very practical. I noticed immediately the calming affect it had on me not only during the class, but I felt calm throughout the day as well. By no means am I good at the practice yet, but just trying has made a remarkable difference on my health. I have expanded and taken many different classes now and each one has given me a benefit in some way. Just being at Rise makes me feel calm from the moment I enter the door. I can not say enough great things about the people at Rise, everyone has been so kind, welcoming and very supportive since the first day I started. It’s a wonderful place. - Y.S.

.... a place that allows for one to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. At Rise, there is a sense of community where individuals are accepted for who they are and the gifts they bring … all of which is nurtured and allows the individual to shine even brighter after a visit.

Whether in a group setting or an individual session, the instructors and practitioners act as more of a guide … as they are on this journey with us. They create a safe space to experience things for the first or the one hundredth time, yet each time is a new and wonder-filled experience. You have gathered like-minded individuals who also bring a practicality to the work they do. All are professional and credentialed and so I trust their guidance I have lived in Reston for over 20 years and have been searching for a place like Rise Well Being. Thank you for welcoming me into this most beautiful community - B.R.

I attended a sound healing class with Marcia yesterday afternoon and it completely transformed my day. I could feel the vibrations from her bowls making subtle shifts in my head. I felt my third eye pulsing and saw beautiful patterns forming in my head. It's incredible what sound can do to restore your body. I definitely recommend attending one of these classes as soon as you can. - E.S.

Tammy has changed my life. After seeing her for just 2 weeks, I already saw really big changes! I've now been seeing her for a couple of months and I'm so thankful Rise introduced us. I used to get into bed and just lay there for up to 4 hours, not able to sleep due to anxiety. Now, I can fall asleep in 15 minutes, all thanks to Tammy! - R.M.